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I question as everyone should the allowed practice of Dogs being allowed to ride inside Winn-Dixie Grocery Carts. I witnessed this personally this week at the MICCO FLA location.

This is in no way sanitary since this animal was walking on the ground. What would happen if the dog was infected by something and a customer gets infected or what would happen if a Dog Bites someone in their store. Well I don't think Winn Dixie understands the LAW or Liability. Major issue as far as I am concerned.

Actually there Insurance carrier should forbid this practice since Dog Bites are one of the biggest claims they all face every year. I find allowing a Dog in a grocery cart where I am putting my FOOD as disgusting and unacceptable. The Health Department needs to outlaw this practice.

Also people, GET A LIFE A LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME! I am now going to shop at Publix since they value the health of their customers.

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I love seeing cute little doggies when I go grocery shopping. I think that they should welcome you and all of your fur children into their store to go shopping.


How about you leave your baby at home she/he is carrieng so many germs and bacteria its so "gross"............. fyi food is packaged and fruits and vegtables are placed in bags all public surface areas are covered in germs thats why you wash your hands with soap when you get home or you can carry a purse size hand sanitizer

to Fayg #1455301

How about you keep your pet at home.


It is against US health codes for animals to ride in shopping carts. Also to be in a grocery store unless they are a service dog. So if Winn Dixie is allowing pets, I hope that they get slapped with some huge *** fines from a health inspector one of these days

Sun City Center, Florida, United States #1316403

I totally agree. I do love dogs but in their own settings not where there is food....including a restaurant.

We were in the Winn Dixie store in Sun City Center and there was a lady with a dog in her arm while she was handling meat packages. Needless to say, we put all the food we were going to purchase back and left the store. Went over to Publix and purchased what we needed. If Winn Dixie doesn't clean it up, they will be loosing more sales.

Also, the fake service dog issue is exploding.

If a dog is interested in things around them instead of their master, the dog is not a service dog! If you want to take your dog into a store, go to a pet food store!


We use a padded blanket in the cart. Our do which is a chaweeie is more sanitary then some of their customers.

She's a service do and has saved my wife's life 3 times already.

Oh!! Also did 2 tours in Iraq and 6 mo,s in afganistan.

to Ben gatsway #1455303

So have many other veterans thanks for your service and legitimate service animals are fine but pet's for sanitary reasons should not be allowed in grocery stores.

Miami, Florida, United States #1257119

Oh please. There is children *** all over the carts from parents putting babies in there and uncooked meat juices coming out of packages. U can get much sicker from those.

Millbrook, Alabama, United States #1212091

You obviously have no care for dogs and understand the lack of stores that allow them inside is less profiting to corporations. I own a 8month old German Shepard, and she is sweet and listens.

Ive never had a problem going anywhere with her, she walks beside me and I have her leashed everywhere in public. I should be allowed to bring a dog in as much as anyone is allowed to bring a kid in. If the dog is sweet and listens.

There shouldn't be a problem. Stop trying to "shun dogs" how would you feel if I left you at home all day to run errands?

to Anonymous #1455304

Keep your dog at home kiss it pick it as much as you want but don't expose others to your germ carrying mutt.

Ocala, Florida, United States #1184967

I'm homeless, it's hot as he'll and I need to take my dogs in somewhere cool. So if I want my dogs in the store then they're going in the store.

They say that you shouldn't leave your dogs in the car, so why not let th me in a store. I live in my car, so I can't leave my dogs home alone.

to Anonymous #1455305

Dude be for real leave pet outside.


You are and ***. Replace the word dog with child. Fucktwat.


Its ok for kids with sticky hands and who knows what they picked up at school. iWXeVecReally, dogs are cleaner then most people

to Anonymous #1034582

Exactly !!!!


Publix should be lucky to have your sorry ***!!!!

Bradenton, Florida, United States #821713

I've seen many children & adults walking around...let me tell you...certain dogs...like mine...are well groomed, healthier, & less "diseased" than most humans. So, before you judge us...take a look at your kid making a scene, loud, smelly, & obnoxious...sick!

Fyi...I'm a dog lover! Lol

to praymantis Lewiston, Maine, United States #1182023

I love dogs too, especially mine, but I don't take mine into a grocery store. I have no problems with genuine service dogs walking around the store...but people need to keep their nasty little pets dirty arses out of the flippin' carts. Leave the dumb mutt at home, it doesn't belong in a grocery cart...and if I see it, you're going to get an earful of what I think about it (and it will be less polite than this).

to Anonymous #1193666

Ahhh, so you're that person! The one who feels it necessary to chide a complete stranger in a public space when it's none of your business. I hope you realize that you are miserable and mean-spirited and no one enjoys interacting with you.

to Anonymous #1288821

Must have voted for trump!!!

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