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I am highly disturbed that customers brings their dogs into the store and place them in the grocery carts to ride along while they shop. The dogs I have seen are NOT identified as dogs for people with disabilities.

On numerous occasions I personally have witnessed this. When I complain about the dogs being put in the grocery carts I have been told by store employees that they are not allowed to say anything. I was told that if people bring their dogs in they are suppose to put a something down inside the cart for the dogs to sit on. As I was talking to one particular clerk I said look there's a dog in that basket with nothing down.

The clerk refused to say anything to the person. My main issue is that I have never seen the carts cleaned. If you are allowing dogs to ride in the grocery cart that I'm placing my food in I have a major problem with that.

I don't know if the dog(s) have diseases, worms, skin issues, etc., and I am totally grossed out at the thought of placing my food in a cart where a dogs butt has sat. What are you going to do about this problem?

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1231546

Carts are never cleaned. Imagine all the stuff that gets put in them, moved around, and not to mention all the kids that lay/stand in them.

Think about it. Carts are filthy regardless. And yes, stores are no longer permitted to ask people if they have a disability that requires a therapy dog, per ADA.

The workers hands are tied, so you'll have to complain to the ADA. Good luck.

Mesquite, Nevada, United States #1231519

They are cleaner than alot of people and their children! Think about it!!

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