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This company does some really *** business decisions. Here are just a couple:

1. They have far to many managers and they continue to hire more of them!

2. They have some managers in there corporate office who are in-charge of only two people! And these managers are making six figures!!

3. They did not give the people a raise last year but did give there executives a big bonus.

3. They are not giving there junior people any rais this year either, but they are giving the executives an even larger bonus this year!

4. They will knowingly let some one leave the company instead of paying them more, when they know they'll have to pay a lot more for a replacement.

I work in the IT department under a Director with the initials of B.K. He is an Obama supporter and does not care for former military personnel. He also does not car for people who no more than he does about technical stuff. We have a guy on our team who does a bunch of different things but his primary job is to do all of our EMC work. Other company's in our area pay $110,000 or more for someone who specializes in this work. This guy is making a lot less (he would not tell me how much, but said it is a lot less). He wanted $5,000, which did not even put him at six figures, more per year and they said no. Now they will pay $400 per hour for a EMC person until they can hire some one who ONLY does EMC work and that person will cost them six figures.

It is decision making like this that will take this company down! I am selling my stock and have been interviewing to get out of here. The guy that is leaving found a job at 30 or 40 thousand more a year (good for him). Shows you how dumb these people are!

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i now i work there

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