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I like shopping at smaller stores rather than huge "giants". Our 2-person family shops twice a week for groceries and I continually find fewer reasons to shop at W/D.

Items are very over-priced even compared to other small grocery stores, many times as much as 30-40%. My belief it is done to support the ever-increasing BOGO scheme. Sure, if you pay extra for the first item, they can afford to "give" you the second. BUT, in this day and age of small families, do folks really want two of everything?

It is not like staples you can put in a pantry and use. It stretches to the ridiculous, e.g., "previously frozen ribs", or fresh bread. You are not going to put either in the freezer (even if you have one) and have it fit for human consumption.

Yet look at their ad and the increase in the number of BOGO items. If you want to sell more of a particular item, cut the price in half!

I personally am spending considerably less at W/D because of the high prices that I feel are necessary to support BOGO and it's a shame since I wish I could shop there more!

BTW, W/D and Wally World are my only two local grocers. I certainly do not want Wally to be my only choice.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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