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In store sale posted by product; skinless and boneless sardines $1.99, I picked up two cans. I got home they charged me over $7.00 instead of $3.98.

Last month I bought a few items that were on sale but instead of sale price they charged me over $10.00 more, that one I spoke with manager and he gave me 6. until I had a fit then adjusted the bill the way it should be. I am sick and tired of getting ripped off.. the registers should ring up the sale price and when they make an error they should be happy to fix it and apologize.

I never had this problem with Publix in Ocala, FL but winn Dixie very often trys to rip people off.

I am so upset did not bring back the latest items (sardines) they makeyou feel like you did something wrong and its too stressful to deal with this manager and store policies. How dare them I have a good mind to contact an attorney.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Orange, California, United States #791667

You had a fit, most people stop throwing fits aka temper tantrums by the time they are five years old. Instead of giving in to you he should have called the police, or if you are the age you acted your parents to come pick up their lost child.

Contact an attorney, they already adjusted the price, the times you caught them when you went home are your fault. Besides the attorney cannot contact you or take your case without a parents permission.


Really contact a attorney? Just grow some balls and have them fix the mistake. Every store has pricing issues at some point.

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