You don't really have to spend $250 to save $0.25 per gallon of gas. There is always sales at Winn-Dixie that allow the customer, or guest, to save an extra $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.25, and hey, maybe even an extra $0.50 per gallon!

For example, Winn-Dixie might have an item such as toothpaste, lets say Colgate, it will be on sale 2/$5 and when you buy the two of them for $5 you'll save $0.05 per gallon just for buying that. They always have items like that throughout the whole store in every store, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for a red and yellow tag that reads "fuelperks!".

You can also find which items are indeed "fuelperks!" items by looking through your local Winn-Dixie's weekly sales ad which, like in any supermarket, should be located by the entrance of the store . And yes, I know all this to be true because I myself work at a Winn-Dixie.

Your friendly neighborhood bagger at Winn-Dixie, Brian.

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Shell is not honoring my fuel perks card after they changed the format at the pump last week. My Winn Dixie Receipt says I have $.25 per gallon but Shell says I have nothing. Sounds like the old "bait and switch" to me.

to Anonymous Silver Springs, Florida, United States #1275411

I am having the same problem at the shell I was getting gas from. Can't find where I can address this with Winn Dixie nor Shell. Infuriating.

Ocala, Florida, United States #1202541

Winn Dixie is more expensive on some items compared to my local Publix but sometimes do save with B1G1. I live produce at Publix better so I get my produce there.

Also Publix sometimes has $50 Shell gas cards on sale for $40. Shell gas prices in my town are often the same or a few cents hire than other gas stations - I use Gas Buddy to make sure because it does vary week to week.

I use the coupon app on both Publix and Winn Dixie sites and get different items I need throughout the week at either store. With the fuel perks from Winn Dixie and the discounted Shell card from Publix it is a significant savings.


When I used my fuel perks card today the price increased 4cents per gallon than the posted price


Our local Shell station charges .25/gal more than all other stations in the area. How is using my fuel perks a bargain?


The Shell station near us is within a few cents of all the other gas station nearby.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1003102

Hi, Brian, I love Winn Dixie. We got FuelPerks up to 40 cents a gallon one time.

That was a thrill to pay so little for gas that week. Thank you for your nice review of the place you work.


I bet groceries isn't the only thing Brian bags


The problem with Fuel Perks is they chose Shell to partner with. Practically the same week Fuel Perks started, Shell stations raised their gas prices, which are now usually 15 to 20 cents higher than any other major chain.

So this "spend 50, save 5 a gallon" stuff is total BS - is you save 5 cents off Shell gas you're still paying 10 to 15 cents more than you would by going to the station blocks from your house instead of schlepping to a Shell. I don't know if Winn-Dixie was in on it too, but Shell's gouging prices to make up for any loss in revenue the partnership causes.


If you have to go to Winn Dixie to buy something like a 16oz pack of ham at 4.99 to get 5cents off then go to Walmart or something and see the same ham for 2.99 did you really save?


If you have to go to Winn Dixie to buy something like a 16oz pack of ham at 4.99 to get 5cents off then go to Walmart or something and see the same ham for 2.99 did you really save?


The fact is that Winn Dixie is more expensive than some other supermarkets. So you are not saving money on gas, you are simply paying for it at Winn Dixie.

You have to buy the 20 gallons of gas at once.. so if your car holds 12 gallons you lose the other 8 gallons..

Winn Dixie Fuel perks is an economic scam... Do the math.

to David Orange Beach, Alabama, United States #653412

Not only that! The station participating near me is at least a dime higher than others in the same area :(


The fuelperks are with Shell. I will not use Shell in any of our 6 vehicles or boats. I'd rather have a cent or more off what I'm buying.

to Ken Tennis #845835

The fuel perks work!!!!! I got gas for $1.42 a gallon up to 20 gallons on June 30th...

Put 10 gallons in my car, pulled forward, put 10 gallons in hubby's truck...

Just don't hang up the pump... Bring gas cans, fill them up and use later....

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