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It's sad that I am actually glad that other people are seeing this type of misuse of public funds. Something needs to be done, apparently this is a wide spread problem if it is happening in the Orlando area as well, how much of our tax dollars are being wasted this way by companies like Winn-Dixie????

My next door neighbor told me a few minutes ago that he use to see the same type of fraudulent practices when he shopped at Albertson's and Wal-Mart in the past, the people doing this act like it's some kind of joke and the stores like Winn-Dixie are either laughing all the way to the bank or just plain clueless, either case is unacceptable and I plan on contacting the Department of Children and Families Fraud Hotline on Monday and report Winn-Dixie at least, being I did not get any of the illegal customers information. They have a reward for reporting food stamp fraud, maybe with the reward money I can get my kid some cooked crab legs, and maybe even some shrimp and lobster!!!!

Original review posted by user Nov 01, 2014

This has happened countless time at both of the Bradenton Winn-Dixie stores I shop at. I get behind these customers that are using food stamp cards to purchase hot-cooked-steamed snow crab legs. I work two jobs and my wife works also and we don't spend that kind of money on what I consider a luxury food item. I asked the cashier why they were aloud to do that and told her that food stamps are not to be used for hot prepared foods, her only response was they do it all the time and so does she. She told me that the seafood or meat employees are suppose to re-weigh the items one they are cooked so they can not be purchased with the food stamp cards but never do. This has me so mad, to think that my hard earned tax dollars from the three jobs that are being worked from my home are being spent on such items, I never agreed to buy these people a hot seafood dinner, especially when I can't afford one for myself or my family. This is pure and simple FRAUD, and the Winn-Dixie employees are well aware of it and promoting it, where is the state to monitor this type of fraud? I don't think I would be so upset if it weren't for the fact that I have been seeing this for years and my child recently asked if we could by some crab legs while in line behind these people wasting my tax money; I unfortunately had to tell my son that I could not afford to buy any crab legs and then was laughed at by both the cashier and the customers in front of me using the food stamp cards to buy the cooked grab legs. To make matters worse, these same customers pulled out what looked like a huge wad of cash to purchase cigarettes, cigars, beer and wine on a separate order witch me wait even longer while my son was complaining about me not being able to buy him some crab legs. Winn-Dixie should be sued, they are guilty of purposely participating tax/food stamp fraud by allowing "customers" to do this and the employees apparently doing it themselves, I need to call the state fraud hotline or something to put a stop to this.



Product or Service Mentioned: Winn Dixie Stores Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Florida Department of Children and Families should fine Winn-Dixie until they stop willfully participating in this fraud, the money from the fines should be used to support enforcing additional fraud cases. Food stamp cards should not be aloud to be used.

I didn't like: Fraudelent practice, Customer service-cashier.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1275479

He's slightly confused. You can get crab legs..

However to get them cooked it's a cash fee for that. Just like you mentioned with your wings ma'am.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1275477

They have to pay cash for the service of cooking it. And very little of our "tax dollars fund food stamps..

Seffner, Florida, United States #1266655

I honestly dont know how they get away with it. Because i have never been able to do that not that i tried but lets say i had eligible food items and also some hot chicken wings all together.

The cashier cashes it in and all, i swipe the card and all but i still have to pay for the wings. Or if i get some handsoap i would still have to pay for it.

Naples, Florida, United States #1217921

LATISHA... You get food stamps based on income so what your saying by yall whitit's your saying people that actually try to better themselves by having a job and supporting themselves?

Have fun living off these whites taxes while u live with your parents till they pass away than end up on the street where u belong. Cardboard box house style


First though, I want to address why I just called you a liar. Maybe one of you did see someone pay for crab legs with food stamps.

If you saw this happen at any time after 2004, you must have a very sharp eye as well as a knack for invading someone’s personal space at the grocery store, as all SNAP benefits are now processed electronically with EBT cards that look just like debit cards.

Second of all, how can so many of you claim to have seen this apparent travesty? I’ve seen people buy crab legs using ANY form of payment at the supermarket maybe twice, three times in my life. Now, anecdotal evidence is no foundation to make an argument on, right? Well here’s some math for you.

Per capita, Americans ate 0.57 pounds of crab meat in 2010. That’s 0.57 pounds out of a total 1,997 in a year, or 0.028% of food purchased in the US. I am really skeptical that so many of you were witness to such a minor transaction. Maybe you should all start buying lotto tickets, I don’t know.

So yes, some people have purchased crab legs using EBT.

If you claim to have witnessed this though, you’re either a liar, a no-good nosy neighbor, or a witness to a specific 0.028% of American food purchases.

But you’re probably still mad that the Poors are buying crab legs, living fat off the government dole, right? Of course you are.

The hard-working American you are, I know you’ve scrimped and saved to have a celebration every now and then - a 25th wedding anniversary, a Christmas dinner, a child’s birthday. Who are you to deny someone less well-off than you the same comforts? I guess you need to be eating shoes before you’re deserving of help in America.

None of us live off crab legs or other “luxury” food items, though. If we buy them at all, we buy them to celebrate, be with family, eat with one another, take a break from life.

It’s still not fair, it’s my tax dollars! Yes, and it’s their benefits.

First and foremost, choice is an important pillar of American consumerist life. If you did not have the right to choose what you bought at the grocery store, you’d be up in arms.


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture website, SNAP benefits (which are transferred to the EBT card) can only be used to buy healthy foods such as bread, cereal, fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

The USDA also says that items such as hot food, pet food, soap, household supplies, beer, cigarettes and wine are strictly forbidden.

But the SNAP program doesn’t have any way to actually enforce the rules. Because of this, the “rules” are more like soft guidelines, and that might explain the massive increase in welfare recipients in the past few years.

North Miami Beach, Florida, United States #1073876

He is pissed off but cant spell allowed.

Orange, California, United States #1036623

The issue is not with Winn-Dixie but with the program itself allowing these people to buy expensive items. Why there was even some person buying a $60 birthday cake for their spoiled child(At Sam's Club) and paying with food stamps.

People on food stamps feel like they are entitled to free stuff, why one person complained that they had to pay for their tarter sauce because food stamps did not cover it, they made a huge scene in the store. The fact is they should be ashamed of making a scene because they did not get something they are not entitled to for free. Winn-Dixie is not at fault here. It is the government for allowing this, and the people who are too lazy to get a job.

Funny how they claim they are too ill or injured to get a job, yet they are not too injured or ill to go shopping or to the beauty spa. The worst is these low lives who cannot stop spreading their legs and not only do we have to feed the mother but her children as well.

to KevinRichards #1073955

You said on another post that you yourself are on food stamps and that you are one of a family of 11 children because your mother couldn't stop reproducing! Get your stories straight!


Yeah I'm sure you saw all those items being bought at once. Most people would have the common since to make those purchases on a different trip, other than their grocery shopping trip.

Tallahassee, Florida, United States #944857

So the problem is that they are cooked? If they take them home and cook them themselves would that be ok?

Technically they could grab a couple porterhouses too. Are you even more pissed? The problem isn't that the crab legs are cooked... it is that you are bitter.

You probably had more advantages in life than these people. Let them have the *** crab legs. Imagine the alternative to food stamps?

The one were you get robbed on a regular basis because these people are hungry. Be glad that you aren't in the position where you need food stamps and stop whining about a little steam!

Brandon, Florida, United States #919777

Just an FYI some people get cash assistance on their EBT card..you never know a person's circumstance.. and regardless if the spend it on crabs lobsters or steak that's Their business..

i don't get foodstamps and I'm blessed not to be considered in poverty.. but it doesn't bother me how they use their funds

to dread Orange, California, United States #1036627

You are right it is their business, but as a tax payer it is the OP's right to be pissed off if his hard earned money is going to feed these people who don't bother working luxurious food while he has to struggle just to make ends meet.

to KevinRichards Naples, Florida, United States #1217909

Guess your not doing that good with three jobs in your house I just bought crab legs at winn Dixie except mine were payed with cash and I'm a high school drop out with a wife daughter and a mortgage.


Are you absolutely positive they are using food stamp cards? At this time people can have their retirement and/or disability money put on that type of card, also child support and unemployment benefits go on the same type of card, if not the same.

card. Apparently a lot of people don't know that the food stamps are meant to supplement the recipients cash food budget. Therefore what difference does it make if they use all of the SNAP benefits for an expensive food item and then when that is gone, they have to use cash for the rest of the month? As far as the big wads of cash go most of that could have been ones, I always keep a lot ones, probably around $20.00, on hand, because I use cabs for transportation, and a lot of times the driver will say they can't make change because they are out of smaller denominations.

They could also be buying the non-food items for a friend or relative, with cash that person gave them for that purpose. Things have changed for food stamps purchases, there are now some warm foods in the deli areas that are marked that they qualify for SNAP. People really should keep their noses on their own faces unless they know for sure what they are talking about. Several years ago I had and elderly neighbor lady that was complaining to me about all they young mothers using food stamps(back when they came in coupon form) using them to buy diapers, facial tissue, toilet tissue, etc.

I told her they weren't buying non food items with food stamps and she insisted they were because they put everything on the counter at one time and it all got rang up at the same time. I told the scanners are programmed to separate the non food items from the food items and she said she didn't know that, but after our conversation she did know it.

Oneco, Florida, United States #894045

Doing a job search for the Bradenton, FL area and came to this site. This is so true and makes me mad as *** as well.

I am currently receiving SNAP (Food Assistance) and unemployment benefits from the state of Florida due to a recent lay-off. Times are tight and I hate the idea of using food stamps but I have mouths to feed until I can secure gainful employment, hopefully this will be a very short lived experience. I have seen people at my Winn-Dixie buying all kinds of stuff I would never consider buying myself with their SNAP card, from Fillet Mignon to lobster tails, some cooked, some not. I have paid my taxes for years, and this is the first time I have been unemployed and in need of assistance in over 40 years, I personally not be able to live with myself making these kinds of purchases with federal aid money, something is really wrong here, and I most likely would have never noticed unless I had fallen on hard times.

I am trying to stretch my account as far as I can by purchasing staple items that I can feed the whole family with, you know, the basics, bread, milk, eggs, hamburger, etc. Winn-Dixie is simply trying to get any sales they can, even if they are stealing from our already thin tax-base along with the other social degenerates that wind up with the over price, cooked steak and seafood dinners!!!

to Jemal Edwards #1036629

You are one of the few people that use the program properly. Unfortunately there are many that abuse the system and find no shame in doing so.

to Jemal Edwards #1352937

Jemal, your problem is the fact that you're unemployed in a state that only pays a maximum of $275/week before taxes, which is about the lowest in the country. But please don't say that you've seen people purchasing cooked Filet Mignon because that would make you a liar.

And while you may have worked for the past 40 years, the reality is that 60% of Americans on food stamps work, so please can the "my tax dollars paying for those who won't work" ***.

I've never had to be on them, and I thank God for that, but a person should not be prevented from buying a birthday cake for their child just because they're on foodstamps. In fact, the SNAP website specifically states that it is permitted.

New York, New York, United States #894036

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to Latesha Thomas #894130

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