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It's sad that I am actually glad that other people are seeing this type of misuse of public funds.Something needs to be done, apparently this is a wide spread problem if it is happening in the Orlando area as well, how much of our tax dollars are being wasted this way by companies like Winn-Dixie????

My next door neighbor told me a few minutes ago that he use to see the same type of fraudulent practices when he shopped at Albertson's and Wal-Mart in the past, the people doing this act like it's some kind of joke and the stores like Winn-Dixie are either laughing all the way to the bank or just plain clueless, either case is unacceptable and I plan on contacting the Department of Children and Families Fraud Hotline on Monday and report Winn-Dixie at least, being I did not get any of the illegal customers information.They have a reward for reporting food stamp fraud, maybe with the reward money I can get my kid some cooked crab legs, and maybe even some shrimp and lobster!!!!

Original review posted by user Nov 01, 2014

This has happened countless time at both of the Bradenton Winn-Dixie stores I shop at. I get behind these customers that are using food stamp cards to purchase hot-cooked-steamed snow crab legs. I work two jobs and my wife works also and we don't spend that kind of money on what I consider a luxury food item. I asked the cashier why they were aloud to do that and told her that food stamps are not to be used for hot prepared foods, her only response was they do it all the time and so does she. She told me that the seafood or meat employees are suppose to re-weigh the items one they are cooked so they can not be purchased with the food stamp cards but never do. This has me so mad, to think that my hard earned tax dollars from the three jobs that are being worked from my home are being spent on such items, I never agreed to buy these people a hot seafood dinner, especially when I can't afford one for myself or my family. This is pure and simple FRAUD, and the Winn-Dixie employees are well aware of it and promoting it, where is the state to monitor this type of fraud? I don't think I would be so upset if it weren't for the fact that I have been seeing this for years and my child recently asked if we could by some crab legs while in line behind these people wasting my tax money; I unfortunately had to tell my son that I could not afford to buy any crab legs and then was laughed at by both the cashier and the customers in front of me using the food stamp cards to buy the cooked grab legs. To make matters worse, these same customers pulled out what looked like a huge wad of cash to purchase cigarettes, cigars, beer and wine on a separate order witch me wait even longer while my son was complaining about me not being able to buy him some crab legs. Winn-Dixie should be sued, they are guilty of purposely participating tax/food stamp fraud by allowing "customers" to do this and the employees apparently doing it themselves, I need to call the state fraud hotline or something to put a stop to this.



Review about: Winn Dixie Stores Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Florida Department of Children and Families should fine Winn-Dixie until they stop willfully participating in this fraud, the money from the fines should be used to support enforcing additional fraud cases. Food stamp cards should not be aloud to be used.

I didn't like: Fraudelent practice, Customer service-cashier.


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to Latesha Thomas #1099050

What an ignorant way to think good job your mother raised a in grateful piece of *** that has no drive to better theirselves

to Latesha Thomas Naples, Florida, United States #1217913

Way to stick to your stero type and that's why you will never have anything except an arrest record and 10 baby daddys

Orlando, Florida, United States #894028

That is illegal, at Publix you can get written-up (counseling statement) for not using the taxable, non -EBT code for cooked seafood. It's called integrity, and I don't think Winn-Dixie (Wing-Dingy) has any, they don't mind bending or breaking the law to make a buck, that's why I work and shop at Publix.

to Publix Rocks- Winn-Dixie Stink #1036617

Sorry to tell you this but I work at Publix also,have for 20 years and had a case tonight where the MIC in charged did exactly this.He had the seafood department retag steamed shrimp and crab legs so a customer could purchase them with EBT.My problem is what do I do with this information.Do I risk getting fired for something they did wrong?This company has lost n most of it's integrity.They also let people return alcohol and refund it under Non food so it doesn't get noticed.

Oviedo, Florida, United States #894021

Winn Dixie is shady that way, I dont trust them, they probabally get some kind of kickback for foodstamp sales. The expensive seafood on foodstamps happens all the time, gets me pissed off too, I complained to the store manager and the cashier before but they said they were just happy to get the sales, wish there was a publix closer to my house:(

Bradenton Beach, Florida, United States #894015

It really bad in the beginning of the month, I've seen people having four or five lobsters cooked at a cost of over $100.00 and turn around and pay for them with their food stamp card at WD, never seen it a Publix though, different clientel I guess, and I think Publix charges a differnt price or something when they cook the seafood for you. I don't eat seafood but it still pretty upsetting to know I am actually pay for this kind of ***, just another reason I try to avoid winndixie if i can

to taxpayer Bradenton, Florida, United States #894035

I'm with you taxpayer-neighbor, I shop at the Winn-Dixie on HW 41 (Bayshore Winn-Dixie), I was behind a young black woman last month and asked her what smelled so good, and it did smell good, she told me she was having a party and was going to eat shrimp and crab legs with her "peeps" and the food was going to be "off the chain." That was all good until I say her pay for the eighty some dollars worth of cooked seafood with her EBT card, makes me sick, should be illegal, but it did smell good, shame she didn't offer to share:)

to Captain Carl Orange, California, United States #1036632

You paid for it through taxes, she should have offered to share. But I thought these people liked fried chicken and orange tang.

to Captain Carl #1171991

What does it matter?If she uses her benefits for shrimp and crab legs, then that money is gone and she won't have it to spend on staple foods.

She can either spend more of her own money (SNAP isn't supposed to pay for all your food, just some of it) or figure out how to stretch her food dollars into next month.

No matter what she buys, she's not getting any more on her EBT card until it's time.If that experience helps her budget better next time, that's fine too.

Sarasota, Florida, United States #894012

ya, this is crazy, they eat better than I do and I pay for my food, at least the pay for their beer and cigs

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