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I have gotten too many bad items from this store. I purchase two packages of ground pork a month ago and froze one.

When I opened one package is smelled sooo strong of rotten eggs I threw it away. I took out the frozen one and opened that, even frozen it smelled of rotten egges. Now I just purchase Winn Dixie spring bottled waters the 24 pack and I took a big swig and it taste like it's rotten or has a perscription or something in it. I don't know where to bring it to get that water tested and the rest of the package.

I am worried now I will be sick.

Where can I bring these waters to be tested. I won't shop at Winn Dixie again.

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Oh wow... I was looking on the net cause I bought the same exact thing n it smells n taste funny however out of all the bottels this is the only one.

I too am afraid that I am going to be sick or that the water was poisend and I too live in florida.. I bought the water at then start of november..

I feel like running to the emergancy room to see if they can check it out.. Did u get sick?

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