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i visited your store last week(and it will be my last week) i needed some fresh mozzarella cheese. so off to the deli i went they did not have the cheese i wanted in a bowl of water, just a small package in a chunk for $9.69 a pound.

which was ridiculous. i saw some in their deli window where they keep their salads. so when i asked for some chunks of fresh mozzarella that was in a bowl they said they couldn't, i would have to buy the cheese plus the black olives that was mixed up together. i didn't want black olives.

i immediately thought of publix they would have bent over backwards to give me what i wanted. so guess what i left wheelchair and all the groceries to be put up I'm sure too late for some products to be put up. guess what off to publix i went where i,m glad to report i got my fresh mozzarella cheese.

when will winn dixie realize that it's service and hospitality and short lines we consumers want. publix my money and time is yours.

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Clearly, Dani is part of the problem.

There is NO excuse for that behavior...if the store treats you so badly, look for another job. I don't feel sorry for you.


"you old *** ***---winn dixie dont want your *** money--if they did they would have helped you! GET OVER IT!!" ridiculous.


The problem is not directly related to the employee's. If your a company that treats it's people like *** you shouldn't really expect them to be happy and cheerful to it's customers.

I worked for this glorious company for 20 years and it would surprise me how they expected me to run a store with 1 cashier and no bagger because we were down on sales. Well we were down on sales because we had no help.

so I would get yelled at by both the customers for horrible service and by the company for not making sales. Would YOU be eager to help anyone in that situation?


you're right dani, they want the money from *** people who are ok with putting up with an all-around bad store. I'm sure they'll absolutely love filing for bankruptcy (again).


you old *** ***---winn dixie dont want your *** money--if they did they would have helped you! GET OVER IT!!

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