Wnn Dixie should check Shell stations with whom they contract. I save nothing because station nearest me (NW 125th 7th Ave Miami Fl) simply raises its prices so it renders any savings Moot.Driveing to another station is to far away.

Winn Dixie should investigate these stations vbecause they give The store a bad name.

May 3 2011 The station is well aware. When I complained they were far higher than an of th surrounding statons they just laughed,. how coulf Winn Dixie let this happen?

How does wynn Dixie check these stations? I did not shop for a long time at win dixie and now I will no longer shop there.

Have lived in other cities and progrm participants were honest. May be same at some stations in Miami but not in nw miami area.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #692597

Shell station by my Winn Dixie has the lowest price in the area...What are you people talking about??????


you are right. i live in vero beach and can get gas at citgo for $3.21/gal, but all the shell stations in the area sell at $3.49. so i would have to spend $250/month at w/d to get there gas at the same price i already get it.

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