I have been going to Winn-Dixie store# 0662 since 1980 an I have always thought it was a good store until lately. They have changed store mgrs.

an since then it has only went down hill. Today I heard about a long time employee being let go. Tammy Jewel has worked for this store for 34 yrs an they are letting her go with no benifits or severance. 34 yrs.

she knows more about that store than any mgr. there. If any thing she should be mgr instead of the idiots that are there ! If this is how Winn - Dixie takes care of their employees then I will no longer be a Winn- Dixie customer.

Your company is losing a loyal employee which is hard to find. If she was a bad employee why was she there for 34 yrs or are you getting rid of her now so you don't have to pay out anything .

I hope Tammy Jewel seeks out the advice of a lawyer ! Today is the last day that I'm a loyal customer an I will also be writing to our local newspaper so I'm sure there will be others to follow.

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Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1354120

HR lies different stories about severance. I come to realize there is none. This company is disappointing.


You obviously don't know what happened or are listening to gossip. This multiple million dollar company won't miss your coins.

Managers are changed around and let go everyday for reasons you don't know about. Tammy isn't being fired for nothing.

You're an outsider looking in with no knowledge. And very poor grammar


Winn Dixie is a *** company to work for. They don't care about there associates or customers.

They only care about making money. :cry

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