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I have been shopping at winndixie since I moved to florida.today I spent hrs shopping I picked up my favorite wine actually it was on sale so I grabbed two bottles the bagger had to leave so I jumped in to help the cashier as always I then handed my debit card to my 21 year old daughter to make the purchase by sliding my card with my name on it because I was far away from the machine as I again was helping cashier bag my grocery! She asked who is making the purchase I was so busy doing her job I said she is meaning my 21 year old daughter is sliding my card for me as I Am here helping the cashier bag my grocery!

My daughter does not drink on her 2191st birthday she ordered a coke!!!!! She is on her way to become a doctor ! My son is also very successful! The cashier did not specifally ask who is making the wine purrchase she asked who is making " the purchase" .

She called a manager over ?? And to my surprise they actually accused me of buying wine for my daughter who again is 21 but I had drive her to get her haircut and we stopped in winndixie and so she did not have proof of her age which makes zero sense to me and she and the manager insulted me as I asked if I could go back in line and swipe my debit card for my wine and his reply was ....we know...I said excuse me...you know what? At that moment I was humilluated in front of customers that this cashier and manager were accusing me of something that I can't do because my kids are of age but more importantly they accused me of something I would never do!!!

My children are my passion in life and they are successful and wonderful and I take pride in my hard work as a parent!! I was so upset and in disbelief that this was happening to me I had to leave the store!

Product or Service Mentioned: Winn Dixie Stores Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No matter who is driving, a person should always have their ID with them when they leave home. In fact if you are as intelligent as you think you are you would have used one of these terms, ID or Driver's License instead of "proof of age." Why would you have to drive her to get a hair cut or isn't she capable of driving herself?

Something just doesn't ring true in your complaint. Also, apparently your daughter is

2,191 years old.

Instead of ranting the way you are in your complaint, go back and proof read it. Actually whether or not your kids are your pride and joy and are a success in life has absolutely nothing to do with your complaint.

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