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I shopped at Winn Dixie store 1439 on 9/4/14 and Latoya was very rude when I asked her if my items rang up at the sale price. I am a paying customer.Winn Dixie's not giving me anything.

This was not my first incident with this illiterate,ignorant,girl.

I had a run in with her at customer service over a sale item .Your company should be careful who they hire I promise this is the last time I step foot in this store again. Wilhelmina

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I think you are really, really rude. You have absolutely no right to call the employee illiterate and ignorant.

Also she isn't a girl, she is a young woman.

By using that kind of language, you come across as being the same as what you accused the employee of being. I'm sure the store won't miss your business.

to anonymous #866460

Who are you to tell me what I can call some one you don't know what the situation was. She acted like I described illiterate and ignorant and that's how girls act.

And as far as my business your right but I'm not spending my money at any store and let the workers talk to me ***. And you need to mind ur own business.

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