I had a $5 off coupon for WinnDixie so i shopped there today. But even though my bill came to $61, they would not accept my coupon because I also bought the beer that was on special.

I did not realize it was not considered a grocery item. Then to top that off the clerk said that I shouldn't use my WinnDixie rewards card for food when I should use it for gas! What? you mean you can not use it for both?

So, do i forgo getting any special deals at WinnDixie on groceries so that I can get it at the fuel pump? I don't get that logic at all! Should be able to use reward card for both places and rack up the points using both.

So, unless there is a good, reasonable explanation i do not want to shop there again. I can never find all the stuff I need anyway because their selection is very limited in the type of goods I usually buy at Publics.

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Yeah they are suppose to use your card and the $5 off. If it ever happens again- a trip to customer service is helpful.

Or.. Ask them to speak to the manager.


When you have a $5.00 off coupon, you can get beer as long as you get groceries that equal up to $55.00, cause it excludes alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, percriptions, it all says it on the bottom of the coupon what it all excludes.


It was most likely a misunderstanding. There is fine print on the coupon which shows what its good for, what you can and can't buy. Also you can use your card on your groceries to get discounts as well as use it at the pump.

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